Frequently Asked Questions

Veggie Box Subscription:

Q- Can i share a subscription with someone?
A- Yes you can, we would treat it as one subscription and you guys could collect a box every second week, or split a box every week

Q – What happens if i go on holidays for a week?
A- We suggest that you offer the box as a gift to a family member or friend. If you will be just a day or two late for collection we are happy to hold on to your box so you can collect it when you are back.

Q – Is there other pick up points?
A – The main collection is at the Farm. Other pick up points can be developed based on the interest of the community. We are open to debate and develop new strategies together with the community. Sharing the collection with neighbors could be a possibility too.

Q – What do i get in the box?
A – Produce will vary according to the season and availability. You can expect to have a variety of 7 or more veggies in your box. Some times it will be a lighter box with loads of greens, some times it will be heavier with squashes and potatoes.

Q – Can i pick what goes in the box?
A – Unlike a supermarket we are producing for ALL the members in the scheme. Catering individually makes planning the crops a much more complex task. Boxes are a selection of what is available in the garden every week.

Q – Are all the vegetables produced at the farm?
A – Every item on the box comes from the Farm.

Q – What if I never used a type of vegetable before?
A – We are happy to share how we enjoy our produce. Recipes and different ways of using it.

Q – What if I can’t eat a particular item in my box?
A – If you have a strong aversion to a particular veggie let us know and we will try to find an alternative.