We are a couple – Hazel Nairn and Davi Leon – living in Ashford- Wicklow, dedicating ourselves to regenerating our landscape through farming. Find out more about Hazel & Davi

Syntropic Agroforestry

Support us on bringing a truly sustainable farming system to life. We are planting two plots of a promising Agroforest System next March in our land. Find out more HERE

Take part in our Crowdfunding and come to harvest our first produce from those systems . HERE

Our Veggie Boxes

We produce chemical-free veggie boxes through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme. Basically you will get your veggie boxes weekly by subscribing at the start of the season. Our main season runs from 15th June to 26th October (20 weeks). From November onward boxes will be available every second week, you can book one by clicking HERE .
More about CSA?

Veggie boxes with a colourful variety of vegetables

What’s in the veggie boxes?

We have one size of veggie box. Inside, you’ll find a selection of seasonal produce. We pick what’s fresh and available in any given week. Usually there are 7 or more different varieties of delicious vegetables.

Here is one of our veggie boxes from 2018:

A colourful variety of vegetables
Carrots, scallions, courgette, beetroot, chard, fennel bulb, kale and salad mixes

Depending on how much you and your family eat, your veggie box might last for a whole week. Or just a weekend.

We have a limited number of boxes we can produce per week. First come, first served.

How do I get a veggie box?

Boxes are available every second week through Autumn Winter Time.
Collection dates: 9/11;23/11; 7/12; 21/12.
If you would like one ORDER YOUR BOX HERE

How do I get my veggie box?

You can collect your veggie box from our farm in Ashford every Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Collecting your own veggies gives you an opportunity to have a look around our farm, find out about the produce and meet other members of the community.

Collection can be shared with members who are living near you. We share the travelling and everyone gets to visit the farm every few weeks.

We plan to have some extra treats available for purchase on site, such as eggs, flowers or foraged/fermented goodies.

Come for a Visit

If you feel like coming for a look before committing to our CSA, send us a message and we will happily show you around the farm.

Thanks a million!

Your support means a lot to us. We are re-investing the money into our Paradise Project. Our aim is to further develop our produce and look after our land.